The most of the tools are collected from the market, but many are done under our request and drawing to ease the application or give to our customers the chance of working with some original tools out of the time, such as the authentic copy of the hot iron to polish the fresco painted marmorino or the Moroccan stone for Tadelakt or the exclusive old iron marker to engrave the stucco to make stone's shapes.

Brush-trowel for stucco

Brush-trowel mm 130x130

It is a plastic brush with handle for decorative solutions. Easy to clean and resistant to alkaline plasters like lime or cement based.

polished stucco trowel

Special tool to ease the application on external corner.

trowel for venetian plaster

A solid trowel with parallel sides - iron.

This is the traditional trowel for Venetian Plaster - Stucco Veneziano.

mix stucco

This mixing paddle was designed to combine materials in mixtures of medium density, such as our lime-based materials.

stucco trowel

Trowel with a special plastic blade.

paddle to clean stucco jars

An elastic rubber spatula to clean small tubs and jars.

spatulas for marmorino

Five stainless steel spatulas for stucco.

sponge trowel

For use when smoothing any plaster finish which contains grit.

stone for Tadelakt

This stone is used to polish the Tadelakt.

marmorino trowel

This is the easiest tool to use to scoop material out of the bucket.

polishing tool

A special fabric to polish plasters

stucco tools set

An alluminium chest for keeping safe all your tools.

Special trowels for applying and polishing stucco.