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Reinforced Marmorino decoration on floors

Of all the marmorinos for walking surfaces, this is the strongest. It is particularly indicated for public areas  and offices because of its strength and durability, but is also an excellent choice for private homes for its elegance.

It’s ideal for a minimalist environment because of its smooth, uninterrupted continuity. It has a satiny appearance with soft light and dark shades.

Reinforced marmorino is an extremely versatile material

It has a wide range of application over a variety of different substrates. The ideal substrate is that which is normally used for parquet, but can be easily applied on virtually any kind of flooring, such as old ceramic or marble tile.

It has a large variety of effects from natural stone to a marble look, from smooth to very textured and can have special effects by adding mother of pearl or glitter.


EpoFloor is simple and practical

Epofloor, an epoxy-cement, has been certified suitable for containing potable water and is therefore non-toxic.

Made with quartz, marble and cement combined with an epoxy binder to increase its hardness, it can be applied to many different surfaces.

EpoFloor can be applied on new concrete surfaces or on plaster with cement mortar as well as on existing ceramic or marble floors.

It can be used to cover horizontal, but even vertical surfaces both indoors and out. It can even be used for the walls of a swimming pool.

What is the system?

EPOFLOOR is a professional epoxy-cement used to create floor surfaces. It is a strong, versatile, non-toxic coating with many finishing styles which are adaptable to a variety of environments. The system uses a mixture of three components to which other products can be added to obtain different finishes.

The base is composed of:

A – Epoxy binder

B – Hardener for the epoxy binder

C – Powder to add volume and strength

These three components should be mixed in these proportions 1:2:4 to get a plaster that can be laid with a trowel. With this three-component base you can create finishes such as “Marmorino Fine - Stucco Veneziano”.

A fourth component, a mixture of selected powders, can be added to this three-component base to create special floor finishes such as:

TERRACOTTA: for a floor with the look of terracotta or “coccio pesto”, ground roof tiles, a flooring typical of an antique Venetian tradition.

MARBLE: for a floor with the look of stone slabs or natural-colored marble.

QUARTZ SAND: with hundreds of black dots per square m.

The EPOFLOOR system was design to be a simple, yet professional application which allows the plasterer to be creative. For this reason STUCCO ITALIANO has created a line of additives to achieve a variety of different of effects, namely:

MOTHER OF PEARL, an inert base of ground shells with a range of grain sizes. This enriches the floor with small reflective flecks of color, from white to beige/brown;

GLITTER, reflective silver or gold flakes that create a shiny effect when the light hits it;

MARBLE GRAINS, give the flooring a speckled web of color which is more pronounced on the smoother surfaces;

METALLIC GEL, a cream made of two components which makes the surface look metallic.

The EPOFLOOR System is completed with a surface treatment that makes it waterproof and easy to clean; the recommended treatment is one that STUCCO ITALIANO has found works the best, but EPOFLOOR can also be treated with linseed oil, transparent epoxy or polyurethane coatings, acrylic primers and any other product that the plasterer has tested and prefers.

For this final treatment there are some different products :

SEALER, impregnating, nanotechnological waterproofing; It requires a top treatment with acrylic wax;

WAX, a self-shining acrylic wax available on request in three different finishes: matt, satin and glossy.

MONOPOL, a high-strength, polyurethane-based product suitable for outdoor areas as well as indoor areas which tend to get greasy and dirty easily, like restaurants and bars.

P2C - POLYURETHANE a two components water based varnish strong to rub and very transparent. It is suitable for outdoor areas as well as indoor areas.


Floor with terracotta

Floor with terracotta

This finish has powder and terracotta granules (ground up old, baked clay tiles). The look is finely textured and warm.

Floor Carrara marble

White two-tone EpoFloor

It is done a plane dark white floor and than an extra fine coat of very white color is applied getting contrast between the two different tones.

floor on concrete

Two-colourrs EpoFloor

Very textured effects are possible superimposing layers of different colors

floor in terracotta

Terracotta and mother of pearl

This floor is done with terracotta powder and mother of pearl inserts

Resin floor concrete effect

EpoFloor standard

One single color EpoFloor. It can be more or less textured

floor with mica

EpoFloor with Mica

Hundred small flakes of glittering silver mica per square meter give a magic atmosphere

Deep silver pearl floor

Deep silver pearl floor

On a black valley background is applied a transparent deep layer with silver pearl pigment