Venetian stucco plaster applying techniques

Shining examples for Walls: Polished Plaster, Venetian Plaster, Stucco

How to paint stucco veneziano finish on an interior wall of your house? The fine art of venetian stucco polished plastering takes a lot of time and work to be mastered, but here you find a video tutorial with the basics.

Stucco Italiano blends traditional artisan craftmanship with contemporary style to deliver high-quality Marmorino Venetian Plaster, Materials, Training & Support to clients worldwide.
Stucco Italiano is a supplier and manufacturer of natural authentic venetian stucco plaster, paint and coatings for interiors and exteriors.

Apply Marmorino in the Italian way

  1. Introduction (How stucco is applied? How to paint stucco? What is stucco finish? What is stucco plastering?)
  2. Preparation of the work site (Where to buy stucco material? What is stucco mix made of?)
  3. Preparation of the wall (Can stucco be applied over paint? Can stucco be applied over bricks or wood? How thick can you apply stucco?)
  4. Marmorino Classic (Can stucco have a classic style? Is stucco for interiors walls? Can stucco be applied to exteriors walls?)
  5. Marmorino Carrara (Can stucco be used with brick and stone? Painting stucco without primer?)
  6. Protection of Marmorino (Stucco and rain, stucco and brick and stone, stucco vs paint)
  7. Examples on Marmorino application (Stucco tools equipment, Stucco issues, What causes stucco to bubble? What causes stucco to crack?)


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Are there stucco painters near you?

The personnel at Stucco Italiano are ready to work anywhere in the world. We are all craftsmen with at least 15 years of experience each in applying Italian stucco. Our experience in completing hundreds of jobs all over the world over the past 25 years is a guarantee of our expertise, reliability and efficiency. All applications are guaranteed to be of the highest level of quality and performed by Italian workers.

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