Marmorino Medium Textured

Marmorino Medium




Green LEED Certification    

This product has the American Green LEED Certificate of sustainable material using recycled or pre-consumer material, up to 27% of the total weight.

This finish is smooth with a variable degree of shine depending on how much it has been burnished. Marmorino Medium (Carrara) is very smooth and satiny with pleasant chiaroscuro effects owing to its visible workmanship, which gives it a sense of depth. Carrara Marmorino is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

This is a natural mineral lime base wall covering for fine decorative finishes on interior and exterior surfaces.

Composition: very aged, finely filtered slaked lime putty, special powdered marble granules sifted and selected according to granule size of 000 = mm. 0.0 ÷ 0.5, water and special additives (no more than 2,2% total in wet volume).

Unlike marble it has a single soft colour with delicate differences in tone. Marmorino is a natural material. It is made of lime and ground marble. Characteristic is its hardness and resistance even in moist environments like the Venetian lagoon.

It is highly appreciated for its aesthetic effect, unique when properly lighted. It is used in sophisticated environments, such as reception areas, offices, and villas. In the bathroom it is an alternative to marble and ceramic. The workmanship may or may not be visible depending on the application.





VENETIAN MARMORINO should be applied to plaster (rough or smooth, new or not insulated).

Already painted surfaces require a thorough brushing down to remove dust and uneveness.

Where necessary, use a brush or roller to apply a coat of Quartz Primer diluted with water up to about 40% in volume to be used, ca. gr/m2 150÷200, or Normal Primer diluted 1 to 7/8 with water.

Apply at least three coats of Marmorino with a steel trowel.


NOTE: - water on the surface of the material in the bucket is normal, and should be

removed before use or adding colorants.

- all lime-based products lose their viscosity when shaken, and need a period of 6/12

hours after mixing to regain their density. The product is very dense, and ready for

use, thus it may be necessary to use an appropriate drill attachment to stir for a few

minutes to reduce viscosity. Choose the colour. Add all of the COLOUR

ADDITIVE to the container and continue mixing until a homogeneous shade is

obtained. Let the product rest for 5 hours before using.



1) First coat of VENETIAN MARMORINO MEDIUM: use ca. 900 ÷ 1100 gr/m2. This coat is applied directly to the plaster, being careful to apply it evenly so as to smooth out any imperfections in the substrate.

2) Second coat of VENETIAN MARMORINO MEDIUM: apply when the FIRST coat is dry. Use ca. 500 ÷ 700 gr/m2, be careful that the surface is as smooth and groove-free as possible, but DO NOT POLISH as this will cause problems for final finish coat to adhere.

3) Third coat of VENETIAN MARMORINO MEDIUM: Use ca. 100 ÷ 200 gr/m2. Apply before the second coat is completely dry, that is WET ON WET, so that the granules of marble penetrate into the previously applied coat. With this coat, proceed with the final smoothing and polishing. For greater polish, go over the surface repeatedly with the trowel.

N.B.: For exteriors, do not apply this product on windy or rainy days in order to obtain a

continuous coat without linear interruptions on the wall.





INTERIORS After a minimum of 48 hours, at least one coat of the following can be applied:

A) MARSEILLE protective coating with a steel trowel. Use ca. 30 ÷ 50 gr/m2. After 48 hours, go over the surface with a cloth to remove the coat of surface powder produced by unabsorbed soap.

B) a coat of WAX (Natural Bee's wax) applied with a sponge. Use ca. 30 ÷ 50 gr/m2. After a little time, before it dries, rub vigorously with a woolen or soft cloth to obtain an even polish.


After at least 72 hours at a minimum of 30°C, proceed with colourless, penetrating HYDROCALCE, developed to protect exterior plaster. Use a brush to apply two coats of ca.150-200 gr/m2





Traditional Marmorino

Traditional Marmorino

Traditional Marmorino. Not too shiney soft movements, soft inner marks. Fine marble grains are visible as small points of pale gray color - due to the work of the metallic blade against the surface- which are more or less apparent depending on how the artisan applies the material, giving the surface a look of transparency and depth.

original marmorino

Marmorino Medium Red Color

This is a traditional finish. Very calm, not too textured with soft light-dark effect

marmorino mica

Marmorino with Mica

There are many additives you can add to the Marmorino. Mica, a natural shiny mineral, is one of them. Hundreds of flakes per square meter lend a magical atmosphere to the environment. Small flakes similar to fish scales magically reflect the light as you pass by the wall.

mother of pearl stucco

Marmorino with Mother of Pearl

This additive comes from Asian sea shells which have been ground and sifted. It can be used with Marmorino Medium, but its best product is the Marmorino Coarse since its size is over 1,2 mm. It has brown, yellow and gray flecks mixed with shiny reflective grains.

veiled polished plaster

Veiled Marmorino Medium 1

A veil made of a thin layer of Marmorino Medium tinted in a color lighter of the background, is applied over all the surface of a fresh Marmorino medium. The result is light color coming in and out of the darker background. Once you have finished applying the marmorino, before burnishing to polish,veiling is created by adding a small amount of white marmorino to the original material which is applied overlapped for effect. This superimposed lighter color gives a real veiled look to the finish.

veiled venetian plaster 2

Veiled Marmorino Medium

A veil made of a thin layer of Marmorino Fine, tinted in a lighter color than the background, is applied over all the surface of a fresh Marmorino medium. The result is light color going in and out of the darker background.

stucco glitter

stucco with glitter

Hundreds of flecks of glitter per square meter. Stars on the wall. This gloss additive gives off small gold or silver dots of light.

moon skin

Crevassed Marmorino

Moon skin effect. The flat blade of a trowel is applied with a push and pull movement against a generous amount of fresh material.

Marmorino Salt & Pepper

Marmorino Salt & Pepper

Hundreds of black flecks per square meter. This additive, a black quartz sand, is packaged and read to use in a 24 kg container of Marmorino Medium. As the name suggests, there are thousands of little flecks of black in this finish. Traditionally this was generally used to finish Venetian villas and palaces. It is also called "Rasato di Calce".

stucco pomegranate

Pomegranate Marmorino

A Gold Marmorino Metallic is applied on an unpolished, finished red Marmorino Medium finish. There are countless variations.

terracotta stucco

Marmorino with Terracotta

Small grains of terra-cotta (coccio pesto) appear some of which are crushed with the pressure of the blade of the trowel creating spots of reddish-brown.