trowel for venetian plaster

FIRST LAYER TROWEL - Whith parallel sides - iron

The iron trowel has sharp corners and a rubber handles. For use on all work which is less refined which can wear out tools more easily such as applying the first coats of Marmorino or other plasters such as Intonachino, Dilavato, etc.

The handle, which is made of rubber instead of wood, can be left to soak in water for a long period of time when you want to clean it.

The edge of the blade should be sharpened with sand paper. (First with P 180, then with P 280). If there is no curve or it is not convex enough, the corners of the blade should be curved about 2 mm higher than the middle.

Sold separately.

Available in two sizes:

  1. First layer trowel; 280 x 120 mm
  2. First layer trowel; 240 x 100 mm