The complete Color System of Stucco Italiano:

Stucco Italiano's color system consists of a cataloque with 90 colors and a PC-program to calculate the color formulas.

The Colour System consists of a colour catalogue, software, and ten base colorants. The colour catalogue contains A4-sized images of Fine Marmorino finished in each colour.

The software, designed for Windows, is easy to use. You can get the correct formula by simply inserting the colour of your choice, the type of material from our list of products and the quantity you wish to colour.

The formula is expressed both in terms of volume (in millilitres for use with a syringe) and in terms of weight (in grams to weigh on scales which can measure to the tenth of a gram). The formula can be modified according to your needs, for instance, by indicating a percentage more or less to get a darker or lighter colour.

The formula can also be changed by increasing or decreasing a certain colour. Each formula, including those changed, can be saved with your customer’s name and kept for later use. You can even create your own colour formulas.

Our plan is to create new colours each year which will made available to you through our newsletter. In addition, when we come up with a new material, the Colour System will be updated online and you will be the first to know through our newsletter.

practical color system

Advantages of the new Colour System...