Complementary for Wall

Some additives are thought to solve the problems that commonly occur to the appliers and to get a faster and easy application. Others help getting special effects.

The big number of additives is peculiarity of Stucco Italiano products for the professionals.

Our additives are usually prepared to be added to a pot of 24 kg, but it is often the craftsman who decides the amount that is more useful.


AQA - AQ Additive It is an acrylic polymer that is added to Pastellone to increase the adhesion and hardness, as well as to improve its workability.

Densifier is a thickener for lime based products, but it can be used on many other products with a high PH.

It is a metallic wax made from Paraffin.

Paraffin Wax for lime-based stucco products protection.

This acrylic wax needs no buffing and is specially recommended for lime-based products and products with an alkaline base.

Special gel with silver metallic glitters to achieve decorative effects with our lime based plasters. Specially with Stucco Lava.

This is a metallic additive which adds a sparkling brilliance to a Marmorino finish.

Hydrocalce is a waterproofer, a special ecological water-based protection. It has water-repellant and dirt resistant properties, and is indicated for shiny, lime-based finishes.

Of the various types of marble, few are appropriate to make a good marmorino. This depends on the color and shape of the granules after it has been ground.

Natural and traditional protection for Venetian Plaster.

Natural and traditional protection for Venetian Plaster.

It is a Natural Bee's Wax with iridescent effects thanks to very fine metallic powder added.

This natural, Moroccan soap is well-known for its amber color and intense olive oil scent.

This powder, obtained from real sea shells, is added to plaster to produce shiny dots/glints on the surface of the finish.

Natural bee’s wax diluted with water. This is an easy to apply, water-based wax. It doesn’t change the appearance of a lime-based finish. It can be used with all the lime-based products. It provides a light protection against liquid and dirt, while increasing the shine.

It’s natural wax suitable for decorating and protecting lime-based product. It is the perfect complementary product for Stucco Lava.

Normal acrylic primer to prepare the substrate before painting or applying lime-based plasters.

A very adhesive primer for lime based products. Acrylic primer containing quartz sand is used as an undercoat before applying lime-based plasters.

It's a powder additive for Pastellone (Marmorino for Floor), which increases adhesion to the surface. This permits to apply the Pastellone to very smooth surfaces, like ceramic or glass tiles, or to surfaces which require a particular adhesion, like polystyrene.

The best way to apply stucco directly on tiles or other smooth surface.

It is a powder that can be added to any lime or cement based plaster to increase the adhesion on any surface.

This is special silica sand, which has been sieved, has the unique particle-size of 0.6 mm. Because of this, it is used with Marmorino Veneziano Carrara to obtain a special salt and pepper effect.

Added to lime-based products, this liquid allows to reduce the use of the dye by 100% or beyond. This means that you can get colors two times darker, with the same dose of pigment. This allows to save in dyes while improving the robustness of the finish.

It is a retardant paste for lime products that lengthens the drying time allowing the applications on surfaces otherwise too large.

Can be used on all of our products based on lime and cement.

It is designed to remove ordinary dirt, as well as dirt found above radiators or fireplaces.

Terracotta powder to give a terracotta look to Marmorino. It is used to impart a natural or rustic feeling. It is typically used on verandas, in kitchens, or in hallways to go with stone or brick flooring.