• Many plaster contractors are experiencing the problem of finding qualified craftworkers. Thanks to Stuccoitaliano’s  training classes, there is a solution. Stuccoitaliano addresses the training needs of craftworkers throughout their careers, from new apprentices to instructors and supervisors.

    Our training programs are continually improving to train future and trained plasterers to use new and improved materials that are constantly being developed to make plasterers more competitive and artistic.

  • Marmorino Pastellone for floors

    When the historical buildings of the Republic of Venice were erected all the construction materials and the corresponding techniques were always carefully selected. Even at that time architects were aware of the importance of the durability of buildings in a very hostile environment such as that existing in Venice, characterized by permanent humid air and capillary rise of salty water from the foundations.

  • Some woods are sensitive to the alkaline of the lime among them the oak.

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