Introduction to Marmorino / Stucco Lustro / Venetian Plaster

Stucco Italiano makes wall decoration with classic venetian stucco marmorino plaster

Classic Venetian Marmorino plaster wall finishes for decorative effects.

We are a group of Italian plaster artisans, whose business, ‘Stucco Italiano’, is located in the middle of the Veneto Region, near Venice, Italy. This area is well-known for being the richest in Italian architectural heritage and artisanship.

The finest in italian wall finishes

We offer to apply a variety of finishing techniques to meet every need, but we also sell high quality stuccos and materials to attain the best in polished plaster wall finishes. For those who want to learn how to apply Italian Marmorino Stucco, we also offer classes where craftsmen can learn the art of wall finishing from the antique to the modern.

Download our brochure about Marmorino Veneziano (pdf file, approx. 6.3 Mb).

NEW: Decorative Venetian Marmorino Plaster on Floors

Enforced Decorative Venetian Marmorino Plaster on Floors.

Live up your floors with marmorino stucco lustre

Now it is also possible to decorate floors with fashionable results. See our floor gallery or read about the new possibilties with information on marmorino on floors.

NEW: Easy applying with Marmorino Veneziano Classic Plus

Improved Venetian Plaster - Marmorino Classic PLUS

This Italian plaster is an improvement over our normal Marmorino Veneziano Classic. It is easier to apply than normal Marmorino Veneziano Classic resolving the problem of peel off which sometimes might occur during the polishing step of finer plasters such as this. Compared with normal Classic, this plaster is shinier with a tendency to have less texture. Please specify Classic or Classic Plus when ordering.

All about the variations of Marmorino Veneziano Plasters

Make creative and decorative wall effects with Venetian Marmorino plasters.

Creative & decorative new lime plaster wall finish styles

The decorative finish of a natural limed-based plaster can be used on interior and exterior wall surfaces. The surface is smooth and lustrous, with a lot of depth. Various effects can be obtanied with different techniques and materials.

Polished plasters (glossy): Traditional marmorino, Modern marmorino, Salt & Pepper, Stucco Grassello, Faux marble, Spatulato Veneziano, Tadelakt.

Rough plasters (matte): Marmorino Velvet, Dilavato, Intonachino, Pitted, Pitted velato, Lime paint, Travertine, Sgraffiti, Terranova.

Special finishes: Marmorino with Mother of Pearl, Marmorino with glittering, Marmorino with terracotta grains, Metallic Marmorino.

Contact Stucco Italiano

Phone +39 347 2469500

High Quality Materials & Tools for Professionals

High quality venetianOur limebased plasters are the result of 25 years of practical experiences

Keeping to the Italian tradition, almost all of our finishes are lime-based. A few of the modern finishes which still have the esthetic appeal of the antique stuccos are made with acrylic resins and synthetic waxes. You can buy venetian marmorino plaster directly from Stucco Italiano.

Professional tools for applying venetian plaster.New range of venetian marmorino plaster tools

Today we offer a comprehensive range of professional high quality tools for applying marmorino stuccos.

See our new Color System for stucco marmorino veneziano

Marmorino comes in the natural white color, but many colors are available from pastels to colorfull using our Marmorino Color System.

Training & Courses in Marmorino Veneziano

Stucco Italiano offers workshops in Italy and abroad within venetian plaster application.

Practical training in application of stucco marmorino.Attend our marmorino workshops in Italy or abroad

We now offer application training in venetian plaster classes in the Italy and abroad on a regular basis. See details and an upcoming schedule.

Video training on how to applicate venetian plaster.DVD-video course with all about how to apply marmorino

Buy our DVD course and learn the techniques and tips on the art of applying fine venetian wall finishes.

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